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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) '20

Studying at ANU feels challenging but inspiring – in a sense that everyone around you puts in their best in order to provide the most outstanding outcome

Inspired by her father’s advice and with a keen interest in physics and biology, Lina decided to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering at the Australian National University (ANU).

“From my father's experience of being an education attaché from the Malaysian Embassy in the United States, and his many years of involvement in education departments, he would explain the current job employment demands and this inspired me to get involved in biomedical engineering, which is a relatively new interdisciplinary field. Later on, I realised that ANU offered a major in biomedical systems which suited my goals perfectly.”

Lina has a strong desire to acheive her full potenital and highlights that ANU is supporting her to do this.

“Studying at ANU feels challenging but inspiring – in a sense that everyone around you puts in their best in order to provide the most outstanding outcome. It feels good because you're surrounded by supportive professors and tutors that have much experience in their field and are ready to help, and answer questions even outside the classroom scope.”

The second year Systems Engineering focus at ANU is what Lina has enjoyed the most during her studies so far.

“My favourite class at ANU is Systems Engineering Design and Analysis. My tutor said that ANU was one of the first universities in Australia that offer this kind of course - also offered at top universities worldwide like the University of Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The course emphasises the importance of analysing problems within a system, which looks at the problem from a wider perspective, and teaches engineering students to go beyond the scope of conventional engineering studies.”

Lina said moving to Canberra was a very welcoming and pleasant experience despite the summer heat.

“Moving to Canberra feels much like moving to Putrajaya in Malaysia, where both places share common duty as a federal territory. Thus, being welcoming and home-like, although I was a bit shocked by the heat-wave that hit us when we first came. Apart from that, Canberra’s unique mixture of city, nature and suburbs makes it perfect for students to balance study while enjoying life at the same time.”

Lina has already reached personal milestones and says she will continue on a journey to enhance and expand her learning experience.

“My greatest achievement at ANU so far is successfully recognising my potential and ability in research skills under both the System Engineering Design and Analysis courses, in which I have written two individual portfolios on improving a hands-off communication system in the healthcare industry in my own home country, and analysing better early cancer detection methods. I am also a student ambassador in which the role has tremendously exposed me to a lot opportunities to help other people, especially young female students, to cultivate their interest in exploring the STEM fields.”

Lina has achieved a lot in her first year at ANU!

“I am so gratified to be here and surrounded by supportive lecturers, professors and friends from different countries with different unique backgrounds and specialties.”

Lina’s advice for news students coming to ANU is to “Prepare a big heart along with your ambition, and throw out your very best effort to make your dreams come true."

"Canberra is one of the best places for students to study peacefully without distractions but at the same time having the choice to balance and enjoy life as a university student as well. If you have enough patience and a strong will, you'll make it through just fine.”

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