Bachelor of Engineering (R&D) (Hons)/Science '15

Meet Conor, an Engineering (R&D)/Science student. Originally from Melbourne, Conor made the move to ANU to be immersed in research and make the most of the on campus living experience.

Conor’s interest in engineering and science started from a young age.

“I was always fascinated by how things worked, breaking apart old computers and TVs as well as building my own go-karts and playground sets. Now I get to play with much bigger and more expensive toys, and call it ‘engineering’ but the kid in me is still there.”

Originally from Melbourne, Conor moved to Canberra and ANU to study a combined degree of Bachelor of Engineering (R&D) (Honours)/Bachelor of Science.

“Studying engineering and science together has allowed me to complement what I’ve learned in each individual degree, preparing me more for life after uni. The R&D component of my engineering degree really appealed to me as it meant I would have the opportunity to work with leading researchers in a variety of disciplines.”

The ANU engineering degree is unique in that it is built on a systems engineering framework, something that has been appealing to Conor.

"I really love the systems engineering approach because I haven't been sure what I wanted to do and instead I've been able to get experience in different fields. I've been doing research in biomedical engineering, but I also do work in robotics and electronics, so I get a wide range of experiences."

In his spare time Conor enjoys making the most of campus, especially Union Court.

“It’s always so busy, with stalls selling everything from clothes to sausages, people lying on the grass in the sun and if if you’re lucky, some local music to chill out to. It provides a nice distraction from work!”

Conor has lived at Bruce Hall and enjoys the advantages of living on campus.

“I love that everything is so close! From ANU, I can be in the city centre in 5 minutes with so many cool cafes, bars and restaurants. It makes it nice for a uni student who just wants to get around on their bike or by foot.”

When asked what he wants to do when he graduates, Conor mentions a PhD might be in his future.

“ANU has opened my eyes to the possibility of academia. I was originally interested in pursuing a career in industry, I am now very much interested in continuing and directing my own research and helping others to do the same one day.”

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