Electromagnetic interference shielding and thermal management of smart phones enabled by graphene and MXenen


Supervisory Chair


Graphene and MXenen are allotropes of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice nanostructure. They have high thermal conductivity and effective electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding behaviours that can be potentially adopted to improve mobile phones’ safety and thermal management.

This project is ongoing and has three phases:

In 2023, we will start to investigate the thermal management need of a typical smart phone through a numerical model and find out the effects of mobile phone shell material and thickness.

In 2023-24, we will develop a number of mobile phone shell materials with Graphene and/or MXenen and characterise their EMI shielding performance and thermal conductivity.

In 2024-25, we will further improve the thermal management of a smart phone by embedding phase change material in an enclosure made of Graphene and/or MXenen and install it in a real phone.

Please contact Dr Shannon Wang (Xiaolin.wang@anu.edu.au) if you are interested.


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