Corrosion testing of new alloys


Nick Birbilis, Randy Zeng

Metals and alloys take a lot of energy to produce, and the preservation of materials from degradation is important for many reasons. Unfortunately, corrosion is a process that impacts metals and alloys, and is a major issue in many industries. In this project, students will test the corrosion performance of new alloys, that are being explored as future materials (explored either because to superior mechanical properties, or having arisen from recycled products). The project will involved testing that may include electrochemical analysis, microscopy, and other physical tests. Alloy systems will vary and may include:  Mg-alloys, recycled Al-alloys, additively manufactured alloys, or high entropy alloys.



Test the corrosion performance of new alloys


Suitable for students of any background. A passion for the topic is important. 


corrosion, metals, alloys, additive manufacturing, materials, recycling, sustainability, electrochemistry

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