Systems Engineering

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Become a modern engineer

ANU is creating the modern engineer with systems engineering. Our engineering degrees are designed with industry to ensure you develop the skills and expertise that are in global demand.

The unique interdisciplinary nature of our degrees goes beyond traditional engineering fields. It will prepare you to design, analyse, and manage the complex systems that are prevalent in our society.

Take this car for example. How can you improve its fuel efficiency? What materials could make this car safer or lower production costs? There is so much to consider when solving these problems - it runs on a computer, uses communication and network systems and may be able to park itself.

At ANU, our engineering degrees are designed to give you the skills and expertise to work on interdisciplinary systems like this and so much more!

What is systems engineering?

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering field. It is forward thinking and transcends software, electrical and mechanical engineering asking that engineers provide the big picture and work across teams.

Systems engineering is also taught at other world-class universities including the University of Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

What you'll get in an ANU engineering degree

What you'll study What you'll receive
Core disciplines that modern engineers must understand like electronics, mathematics, mechanics, physics, programming and more. An interdisciplinary understanding of engineering and a clear advantage when you graduate and enter the workforce.
Commercial imperatives like management, innovation, systems design, analysis, real world projects and more. In-demand skills and experience in analysing, designing and managing complex projects and working in and managing teams.
An engineering major
  • Aerospace Systems
  • Electronic and Communication Systems
  • Environmental Systems
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Renewable Energy Systems
Specialist expertise in at least one engineering discipline, giving you breadth and depth in your knowledge of the field.

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